Petite Print Skirt Sets

I don’t know if Petites are still a thing or not but I rather enjoy mine so I made a Petite version of the Print Skirt set.  A word of warning, this set only works with Yabusaka Petites.  Each set includes a shirt/shorts combo and a tulip style sculpted skirt.  I didn’t included Lola Tango appliers with these but if you’d like the matching one just leave a comment or message me in world and I’ll send them your way.

These are also only available on the Marketplace for now:

Print Skirt Sets

A little something new.  I may have gone a bit overboard with the variations.  Each set includes a rigged mesh skirt in 5 standard sizes, top and panties on all system layers and Lola Tango appliers.

For now these are only available on the Marketplace:

***Full disclosure; the mesh skirt included in these sets is from a template***

{Frick} Cruel – Tainted Love Hunt

I’ve got a little something out for the Tainted Love Hunt! 5 skins, 3 makeup tattoos and 1 pair of eyes all for L$ 1!  Fair warning, this is a dark themed hunt so items might be gory and twisted and may not be suited for the faint of heart.  Also it’s a dollarbie hunt so all items are going to be L$ 1.  The hunt officially kicks off at midnight Feb. 1st and goes through Feb. 28th.

The hunt starts here: A Netherworld at Hobbs End


We never knew that being cruel was such a cool thing to do…
{Frick} Cruel - The Tainted Love Hunt

{Frick} in world

Holiday Petite Skins!

After forever fiddling I’m finally releasing some skins for Petites!! First off, there’s a special skin that comes with the free PASS HUD you can pick up in my shop. And next up are the holiday skins! These skins sport the same makeup as the skins in my holiday dollarbie hunt and are only L$1 each as well! I might list these on the Marketplace if I have the time but no promises. 😛

Here is some important information about these skins:

* They use the Petite Avatar Skin System (PASS) HUD to apply the skins to your Petite.
* You will need to already own a modifiable Yabusaka Petite Avatar or Caverna Obscura Minikin in order to use the skins.
* You’ll need a little bit of experience modding objects and a place to rez objects as you will need to rez your Petite parts in order to drop a script into them to make the whole thing work.
* You will need a HUD so make sure to pick a free one from my shop while you are there, it comes with a free skin to try it out with!
* If you’ve already modified your Petite to work with PASS then you don’t have to set it up again, just wear your HUD and the skin prim you wish to load and you are good to go. You can add the new skins to an existing HUD or pick up a new one for free in my shop.
* The Petite featured in the ad is the Yabusaka Petite 2.
* Again, you’ll need to already own a Petite avatar as my skins do NOT include an avatar.

Instructions  with screenshots can be found here:





Autumn Dollarbie Hunt

Welp, I managed to run out of both time and energy to get out a nice Halloween release this year.  I’m pretty dang disappointed because it’s one of my favorite things to do. 😦

But, it’s not all bad news… I did manage to scrounge up a few things.  First off, I made an old favorite into a tattoo layer eye makeup, it’s L$35 for 5 different colors.  And next up a wee mini Autumn dollarbie hunt.  There are 5 witch hats to hunt for, 1 skin in 4 skin tones and 1 lingerie set.  The skin is using a slightly new face and each one comes with light and dark brow options.  The lingerie set comes with a corset and undies on all layers and there’s also a version for Yabusaka Petites included.

Have a great Halloween everyone!

{Frick} Autumn Dollarbie Hunt

{Frick} - Nemesis Eye Makeup

Happy New Year!

I sent out a little gift to my subscriber group to help ring in the New Year.  My subscriber had a few hiccups so I hope it managed to get out to everyone.  If you are in the group and didn’t receive it, drop by the shop and click the little box next to the unit and you should be able to grab it there.  If you aren’t in the group and would like the gift, hit the subscribe button on the main unit and then click the little box and you should be good to go.  Happy New Year everyone!

Frick - Confetti Skins Group Gift