I’m a noob >.<`

Ok, so I screwed yet another thing up.  I was trying out a new AO last night and I kept seeing this bizarre black disc peeking out my face.  I took off everything and kept seeing it!  I was very annoyed.  Well after a good deal of investigation and the help of a few friends we realized the culprit was the eyebrow base.  Apparently I had not made it correctly so that weird disc was actually hair showing through my face.  Ew.  So I’ve fixed all my vendors to have a new and fixed eyebrow shape.  If you would like a new and fixed shape, you can pop by the store or OnRez and grab one of the freebie skins, which includes the fixed eyebrow shape, or drop me a notecard and I’ll send you a new one.  The original eyebrow base was modify so all you need to do to fix it is set all the hair style settings to 0 and that will fix the ugly black disc problem.  I’m so sorry for yet another silly mistake on my part. >.<


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