Big News! I’ve got a pretty hefty release coming up in the next couple of days! And blog readers get to see them first!  4 new makeup skin packs, each including 2 skins: one with a normal lip and one with a new lip shape I’m calling “Lolly”! Each makeup is available in Goth, Peaches & Tan. I’m pretty excited about the new lip shape, it’s very kewpie doll. But since I realize not everyone is into that and I’m sure there will be shapes it looks odd on I’m also including the tried and true normal lip in each pack. I’m also going to be releasing fat packs for each skin tone which will include all 8 skins for a bargain price. Along with the new release I’m going to have 2 new freebies up! I’ve also changed up my store.. as much as I loved the other one, it was a little tight and with the new stuff I wanted to make sure to have enough room for everything. Anyhoo, onto the teaser!

Goth Starlight Fat Pack

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