Random Thoughts

Thoughts: I’m feeling kinda blah lately. Like I have no imagination at all. So I usually get into Photoshop and just go meh, and close it. It’s no secret that my skins are based on Eloh Eliot’s PSDs and I’ve been kinda stuck on a lot of features of the templates because, well, I personally really like them. That said, I am slowly, very slowly edging my way into a few more original touches like the new lip shape and skin tones. I’m a novice though so it’s a learning process everytime I get into Photoshop.

What’s new: I am thinking of doing a skin based on High Inquisitor Whitemane from World of Warcraft just because she’s one of the more unique looking bosses in the game. Or perhaps Lady Vashj or Mother Shahraz. Two of my personal favorites. I’m a WoW geek, what can I say? 😀

Update Groups: I really haven’t considered an update group because with the limit to 25 groups I know how most people are strapped to decide which groups to join and might not want to bother with a group that only sends out the occasional update/freebie/etc. I know I’m maxed as far as groups are concerned and would have to dump one of my current groups just to join my own hehehehee. So I think for the time being I’ll stick with the blog as my way to make announcements and what nots. If the demand for a group occurs, I’ll certainly think about it but as it stands there doesn’t appear to be a demand for one.

Freebies: I’m working on a new freebie.. but I keep scraping it because it’s too similar to stuff I’ve done before. So hopefully I’ll get at least one freebie out in April. I’ve considered putting all the freebies into a separate OnRez vendor just to save myself some prims since I’m just about maxed out. But since most folks seem to only gravitate towards the freebies that might make them harder to notice which I am not too keen on either. I’d say the freebies probably translate to about 99% of my traffic so I don’t want to make them difficult to locate. That or I could just take down some trees. 😛 But I lurve my trees!! Choices!

Prices: I’ll be honest, I rarely sell any of my priced skins. Which isn’t a big deal to me, I’m not here to make a buck.. I just want to provide something that I want to see in the game. That said, I’m very curious to know what holds people back from purchasing a non-freebie skin. I’ve tried very hard to keep prices cheap.. upload cost at most. That said.. Are the prices too high? Do the skins suck? Not worth the money? Too crazy? Not original enough? I have to say, the curiosity is killing me. 😛

Customs: I’ve done a few special custom skins for a couple of folks and I really like doing that despite feeling like, OMG, what if they don’t like it?!?!1! ^^; But it’s kinda fun to tailor make stuff for folks. As long as the demand doesn’t get overwhelming, feel free to drop me a notecard with stuff you’d like to see, suggestions, etc. I’m totally open to hearing ideas.. I’m kinda lacking creativity lately so any push I can get would be great.

Thanks: I just want to say a big Thank You to everyone who has come by the store! I am absolutely floored by the amount of visitors I’ve had and it really makes my day. I wish I could meet everyone that stops by just so I could say hi and thanks for stopping by.. but since I really don’t have a lot of opportunities to get online I just want everyone to know that it truly means a lot to me. ^^ You guys rock!


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