Coming soon!

Just a wee sneak peek at the Drow skins I’m starting to work on. I just got the urge to make a Drow after seeing a manga that featured one so, admittedly, they are mostly for me. ^^ But just in case there is someone else out there jonesing to go over to the Unseelie side, I hope to have these out this month! I’m thinking this one is a bit too purpely but I’m still waffling on the highlighting.. I don’t care too much for the white/light gray highlights that you sometimes see but without a little bit of highlighting the skin looks flat.  So I picked purple as my base highlight color.  Anyways.. it’s a work in progress.  😀 If anyone has any tips/comments/suggestions on what you’d like to see in a Drow skin (or any skin for that matter) just let me know!

{Frick} Drow - Coming Soon!


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