I noticed that Drow was like the popular thing this week so I’m shelving it for now. I still plan to release them at some point, but with so many floating around now, I don’t really feel like it now. 😛 What can I say? I like to be unique. And I’m really waiting for the new elf ears from Siyu Suen at Illusions so I can really create the look.  So, instead, I’m planning on releasing a couple of Neko-ish skins. At least I think they look Neko-ish. No stripes or spots, but they are definitely felinish. If they prove to be popular I’ll definitely release some more because I gotta say, I love them. I run as a Neko in most of my day to day in game time so I wear these pretty much all the time. At any rate, that’s the forecast for today.. we’ll have to see how tomorrow fares. 😛


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