Random Rawr

I think in total I tried to log on about 15 times today only to be immediately disconnected without even a glimpse of a virtual world. To say I’m annoyed is an understatement as I was very anxious to reply to the IMs I received while offline. I promise I will get back to you as quickly as I possibly can… provided SL decides to cooperate. >.< On the upside, I had time to work on my Drow skin and if they can pass the in-world test I’ll start working on getting them ready for sale! In total I plan to have 4 different skins for this set. I’m probably going to have to totally rework my shop when I get ready to release these since I’m pretty much maxed out on wall space. I’m thinking I’ll either move some of the old skins to a single OnRez vendor on the same wall as the freebies/dollarbies or I’ll add some aisles inside the shop. So far I’m leaning single vendor because aisles would require building and my building skills are non-existent. πŸ˜› That or I’ll make all the vendors smaller so more stuff will fit on the walls. At any rate, if you drop by and things are an absolute mess I’ll be sure to have at least one OnRez vendor sitting out so you can browse everything in one spot. I think I’m starting to fall asleep so I’ll quit before I stop making sense…. er, before I make even less sense than I am now. πŸ˜› Night! *Fingers crossed that I can log on tomorrow!*


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