Update Group!

After much debating.. mostly with myself.. ok, totally with myself.. I decided to pick up a subscriber system. I had toyed with the idea of going with subscribe-o-matic and as awesome as their system is, the monthly expense was way too high for me. My traffic is a little too light at the moment to justify the cost. But I still wanted a way to have an Update Group that didn’t require making a group that you had to join. The 25 limit thing was a big consideration, not to mention the obnoxious group spam that happens sometimes. Gotta love how a spammer joins a group, spams, leaves the group.. and then the group goes on for 30 minutes about how spammers suck. Anyways, I was searching around and I found out about a Subscriber Kiosk system by Fred Allandale. The system only requires a one time fee and no monthly charges!! Woot! I also actually kinda like that it deletes any items given out after they have been delivered. Most freebie hunters will probably gasp, but this seems like a good way to reward the folks that are genuinely loyal supporters. Though I will likely resend freebies a couple of times just to ensure everyone gets them. Don’t despair though, if you miss out on a freebie, I can guarantee another will follow along soon. I’m really psyched at the potential to send out some exclusive things to group members. So yes, I am giddy at this new subscriber! Yay!  I hope to have it out in a few days… I want to make sure I get all the screw ups I’m likely to make out of the way before it goes live. ^^;

Subscriber Kiosk!!

Get the Subscriber Kiosk in world!


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