The Drow are Almost Here!

Ok, after a much needed kick in the posterior by.. well, almost everyone I’ve talked to, I finally finished up the Drow. Finishing up these skins gave me ideas for new ones and I have to say I feel a lot better about the whole thing than I did the other day. I was having a pity party kind of day and had to sit myself down and remind myself how thrilled I am to have even just one person like what I’ve done and that’ll just have to be enough for me. Plus I really do like making skins so what can I say, I’ll crank them out until I hate skins lol. At any rate, I’m working on the vendors right now and hope to have everything out in a few days. I’m planning on sending one of the new skins free to my Update Group so if you haven’t visited my subscriber kiosk in world, make sure to hit it up soon so you don’t miss out.. that is if you want a free Drow skin. 😛 The deal with the new subscriber is that after the gift has been sent it automatically removes it so you can’t sign up after the fact to get the gift.. that said, I’ll probably send it out the day after just to make sure everyone gets it. 😀 Anyways, here’s a teaser pic! Click it to go to my Flickr page where you can view it larger!

Drow Series!


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