Update Group Gift

Hey everyone, I sent out a little something to the current group members this afternoon.  It’s my first time sending out something to the whole group so please let me know if you didn’t receive it or something was weird.  I have a master list of everyone who is in the group and since it’s pretty small, I will totally hand deliver if you are in the group and didn’t receive it. Ty and I hope you like it! ^^


2 responses to “Update Group Gift

  1. Bleh, I’m a dork and subscribed lat.e 😛 Oh well. But I must thank you for creating the Super Shamrocked skin- it helped me win Silks of SL’s March Beauty of the Month:

  2. No worries! I sent it out again! 😀 I wasn’t sure it had actually gone out to everyone because the kiosk had a run time error at some point.. I think because I was fiddling with it while it was trying to send it out. >.<

    And yay for the contest!!! Congratulations!! ^^

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