I was running low on wall space in my store so I decided to expand it.  Which wasn’t an easy process for me, my building skills are horrendous.  You don’t even want to know how long it takes me to make my vendors.. let alone that little gift box I sent out recently. >.<  Luckily the store I was using was a mod/copy version so I basically smooshed 2 stores together to make one giganto store.  Sadly, I lost a good bit of my pretty little yard but sacrifices had to be made.  I made sure to leave enough room for my *BP tree though.. I just love that tree. ^^

The Drow are set to arrive tomorrow morning!!  Yay!  I’m planning on sending out one of the skins free tomorrow to the Update Group.. though I haven’t quite decided which one to send.  It’ll be a surprise even to me!  Also, one of the skins, specifically the Huntress skin is going to be a dollarbie!  Since I’m not really doing demos of my skins, I wanted to set out this one as a dollarbie so it’s a bit like a wearable demo.  One thing about these skins though, they all have a slightly different shading to them based on whatever color scheme of makeup I used.. so where the Huntress has a green hue to her, the Archmage has a bluish tone to her.  I’m very excited, I’ll post pictures and specifics tomorrow!

And now for a wee look into the future… I decided since the Dark Elves are being represented, it’s only fair for me to create a line of High Elves.  At first my plan was just to reuse the same makeups on a different skin tone but besides being a lazy way of making new skins, the makeups just didn’t translate well to the fairer skin tone.  So instead I came up with a whole new slew of makeup options.  The skintone I’m using for these skins is lighter than Peaches but more pinkish than Goth.. I guess blush might be a good color term for it.  I also still have some Neko skins (including a guy Neko skin!!) that I’m hoping to get out there soon.  I’m chock full of new stuff but I’m super slow when it comes to actually getting them out there.  Taking the ad pics, making the ads & then boxing them up literally takes like 20x longer than making the actual skin… I’m just really slow about it. 😛

That’s the news for today!


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