The Drow have Arrived!

Yay, the Drow are finally up in my shop and on OnRez! Wewt!

There are 6 skins in total, Archmage, Huntress, Shadowsworn, Sorceress, High Priestess & Witch Blade. I’ve also made a fat pack of all the skins plus it includes an exclusive skin called the Seductress. Each skin features a different kind of makeup as well as a slightly different skin hue.  I also have included 2 white Drow eyebrow shapes, 2 white Drow undertheres & 3 shapes.  One shape is a fairy shape, the other 2 are Drow shapes; one with elven ears and one with no ears so you can wear ear attachements without see through.  At any rate, I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out. They are a smidge on the dark side but I wanted the skins to really look Drow and not just be a gray skin. I’m going to throw a pretty ultra bright face lamp & a more subtle lamp into the Freebie Box in my store for anyone wanting a face lamp to wear with the skins. On to the pictures!

Drow Series!

{Frick} Drow - High Priestess

{Frick} Drow - Witch Blade

{Frick} Drow - Archmage

{Frick} Drow - Huntress {Dollarbie}

{Frick} Drow - Shadowsworn

{Frick} Drow - Sorceress


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