I decided to make a Male Drow skin to go with my Female Drow skins! It’s my first dude release so he’s going to be a tester.. please feel free to let me know what you think, what I should work on, change, etc. I’m not including any manly bits so you are on your own to procure those. But he’ll include 2 shapes (elven ears, normal ears) and a tintable underthere hair option. The eyebrows are part of the skin. I went back and forth on that but I decided the skin looked better with the eyebrows already on it than it did with an eyebrow base.  And as a little wee special, he’ll be L$ 1 for 24 hours starting now!  After 24 hours, he’ll go up to his regular price of L$ 25.

{Frick} Drow - Rogue (MAN!!)


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