Advertising, ick

I’m pretty shy.  Ok, extremely shy.  And the somewhat anonymity that SL provides isn’t enough to make me come roaring out of my shell unfortunately.  So it’s not surprising that this somewhat anti-social behavior of mine isn’t helping the store.  I’m still rather shocked that I’ve sold anything.  I haven’t advertised a single lick, all traffic has come purely from word of mouth and wow, I’m still deeply gracious at those spreading the word.  I’d love to be able to reach a wider audience… but I’m loathe to force myself upon anyone and well, because of that perhaps, I continue to be on the outside looking in.  Don’t get me wrong, after my last little pity party, I’m quite happy with the way things are, but who doesn’t want to try to make things better. If anyone has any kind of advice on how I can improve, advertise, etc.. please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment, notecard, etc.

On another note, I’ve noticed that one of my best sellers is the Retro skin so I’m planning on expanding on that idea a little bit and doing a line of pinup skins.  In addition to those, I still am planning on releasing the Fae skins at some point but I’ve been slow to get the ads worked up.  And of course, the Neko skins… even though I wear my Neko skin pretty much all the time, I still haven’t gotten the set where I want them so they are still in development, but I’m pretty excited about them.. especially the guy skin, he is hawt! ^^


5 responses to “Advertising, ick

  1. Well, there are of course many options, and the best way to go about it is to look at what you have and weigh their values with yours. Here’s some thoughts-

    Advertising on SLX (and eventually OnRez?)- Along the lines of ads you may see in magazines/catalogues, where it’s really how the ad is designed that can make it intrusive or politely eye-catching. SLX has little banners at the top so they’re not really annoying, but also overlooked

    Advertising in SL Magazines- As above, except more likely to get attention. Not sure how expensive they are, but for some of the highend, they’re good company to be shown with. Not sure what magazines are out there that would be best for your customer base.

    Blogs- Just having a blog allows for people to browse your wares and feel more connected to the products. Great job here! Of course, you have to get people to navigate here, so being in a search (not sure how that works) and being linked to other people’s blogs helps.

    Reviews- This is where you’d offer your product to someone who does reviews and they present a review about it, and then link that to your area or where you can display such information. Sometimes, people will review items without poking the creator, so you might dig. Probably problematic if you’re shy and don’t want to feel like you’re demanding someone to do something for you.

    Freebies- Freebie blogs are hot, and if you’re able to give something away, people will come. Blogs plug freebies without asking for anything in return (well, you did give out a freebie); all you have to do is drop a note to freebie blog/store owners and make sure the freebie has an LM and maybe a notecard about your wares. While contacting the freebie person may at first be daunting, they tend to be very amiable, especially toward store owners. Some have methods, like a Tip Area, where you can go through a process of informing them.

    Multiple locations- Not just having different stores, but having your name being found in multiple areas casts your net out into a wider range- in-world, on SLX, in OnRez, etc. There are various ways to do it that makes it hard to say whether or not a shy person would be bothered.

    Supporting word of mouth- more places are giving away different prizes to those who have their place in their picks, as well as referring a friend. This goes along with freebies, in a sense, but also supports the customer base as a community/network. This would have people come to you rather than you going to them, and they don’t have to do it.

    Helping others- “Scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours”. there’s a lot of opportunities to participate in charities, openings, and other events that can provide free advertising and networking. The effort here is primarily research, though poking people may be an issue. Start with friends and branch out. I know roleplay areas love those who can help them make starter-kits for visitors and community members.

    Some of these ideas mesh, and sometimes it’ll be luck (Siyu Suen had no idea that her wings were featured on the SL main page until recently). Just keep working hard and being friendly! 😀

  2. Oh, and mingling with other really nice creators is helpful. Siyu Suen of Illusions, Jen Shikami of Seven’s Selections, and Eolande Elvehjem of Accessories by Eolande are, by far, just made of sugar, spice, and everything nice. Siyu holds masquerades every now and then, Jen can be found in her shop (and will come up and talk to you), and Eolande holds treasure hunts and parties in her sim every now and then. These ladies are very understanding, and also have blogs if you need to take indirect steps first.

  3. Yes, Terri has GREAT ideas for getting the word out on your products. I think your price and your quality is great. I’d totally set up a store for you on my land, advertise, etc. It also helps, as weird as it sounds, to set up shop in high-traffic places like clubs. Shops are really the backbone of places like those, and bring in a LOT of people. Just a thought. Keep it up.

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