Back to the Photoshop

I’m shelving the Fae skins for a while, I noticed a small issue with the skins last night and for whatever reason I’ve been unable to get it fixed just yet so I won’t be releasing them until I’m 100% happy with them.  It’s weirdness, I wore the skins out and about and never noticed anything until I was standing in some super bright light last night.  Still not sure what the deal is.  But this is probably a good thing since I decided I wanted to tweak some of the makeup anyways.

So what will I be doing instead?  Well, the 3 variations of the Retro Pinup skins are almost finished and I really love how they turned out.  I’m adding a skintone to this line up, darker than tan, that I’m calling chocolate.  Each of the 3 makeups will be available in your choice of Goth, Peaches, Tan or Chocolate and I’ll being doing fat packs for each skin tone.  I’m working on a freebie that I’ll be sending out to the group close to when I’ll release these, an exclusive Retro skin just for groupies!  I’m also so close to finishing my Neko skins and ok, they are my absolute favorites.  I’m only going to be releasing these in 2 skintones at first, Goth & Tan.  I didn’t love the way the look translated to the other skin tones so these were my two favorites.  So far there are only 2 makeup options but you will get a plain skin and a kittied up skin.  The Goth skins will have a spotted leopard option and the Tan skins will have a tiger stripe option.  Depending on how they are received, I may throw out more makeup options later on.  So that’s the scoop for now.  I’m anxious to get them out there but I’ve been amazingly busy lately so no ETA just yet.  ^^


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