Nail Polish

I was working on fixing some body issues on one of my skins today and I was debating whether or not to paint the nails on the skin. I was wondering if anyone has a preference on it. Up to now, all of my skins have had some manner of nail polish on them. I’m partial to funky colors (obviously :P) but I realize some people like more natural looking nails or they want plain to be able to wear prim nails with. At any rate, I’m looking for input on it so I can find out how everyone feels on the subject.

Ok, poll kinda works.  Click the answer you chose and it will take you to another page to register your vote.  No need to leave a name or anything like that. ^^

Nailpolish on skins: Love it or Hate it?

1) I want colorful nails!
2) I want plain nails!
3) I don’t care!
4) Other – Please explain in comments

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2 responses to “Nail Polish

  1. I can swing either way. Though, I’m partial to the nails matching the make-up a bit. There’s a wild green/blue make-up with hot pink nails that I have. XD

  2. Lol, >.< I’m so embarrased by some of the skins nails not matching. I really need to fix those. I’m thinking that I’ll try doing some kind of glove/sock thing with a matching nail polish and just having the skins have a neutral polish instead to avoid that. If I can figure out how to do that without it looking awful. 😀

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