Where can you find {Frick}

I do not sell my skins full perm, period. If you see my skins anywhere other than my main shop in Blackmount, my OnRez vendor in Neverending or my own personal listings on OnRez (under the name Fricka Morgath), they are being sold WITHOUT my permission. Please let me know if you see my skins anywhere other than these locations. After having some weird transactions (multiple copies of things bought by one person on OnRez and in world) I decided to check it out. My first instinct was to think the transaction failed but this person never responded to my repeated IMs and notecards. So I grew suspicious and checked it out and found they had their own shop, selling ripped items. I already notified the content creators of some of the items I recognized. My skins haven’t shown up there yet, but I felt it was important to let everyone know. Ugh, I never thought my little skins would garner the unwanted attention of a thief. I purposely keep my prices very low so the skins are accessible to everyone who wants to purchase them. And I also sell them on OnRez to make gifting a breeze. And come on, why rip a skin that is based on a freely available template? If these guys would just spend the time they do copying something doing some creative of their own instead they’d have their own original product to be proud of. I know I’m getting all huffy over something that hasn’t even happened but I really have an icky feeling about the whole thing. *sigh* Crappy day, I haz it.


3 responses to “Where can you find {Frick}

  1. UGH! I’ve been buying your skins like CRAZY, I LOVE em, and I couldn’t think the time and effort that goes into those. I’d be pissed! It’s been happening a lot lately, too…even with my own products. Hang in there!

  2. It’s times like these it’s hard to keep from sending a scathing IM or pull out some griefer tools. If anyone deserves to be taken out, it’s these types of people, who think there’s no consequences for their actions.

  3. At last check (because I keep spying on them lol) the stolen stuff is still on the walls but not available for purchase.. hopefully that’s a positive sign but I’ll be keeping a close eye. I was so tempted to yell at them but stopped myself because it’s just a losing battle to try and argue ethics with someone who obviously doesn’t give a crap. 😦 I’m just hoping they’ll be shut down before they have a chance to steal more things.

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