Recs for renting?

So it looks like my neighbors are being difficult… anyone who has been by the shop lately probably has noticed the gigantic walls that has been erected around me as well as the shiny new ban lines that are now an annoyance. 😦  They have made it clear they want my land and apparently strong arm tactics are the name of the game.  I can’t say I’m surprised as I saw, little by little, my neighbors disappear and their land holdings grow around me.  Apparently I’m one of the few homestead holdouts lol.  So I’m still unsure what I want to do.  I certainly don’t relish the idea of moving because not only is that a pain but anybody with an old landmark is not going to be able to find me easily but I’m afraid of what they’ll do if I decide to stay.  And their proposed land swap (?!?!) idea just doesn’t sound good to me.  So until I decide whether to cave to their demands and sell or stick it out, I’m considering finding a 2nd spot to start renting at in the event that things go very badly. *sigh*  Sometimes SL can be just as big an annoyance as RL.  So any recs for a nice little rental spot?  I’ve never rented so I’m a newb at that whole side of SL.  I purchased mainland to avoid the hassle but lol, that hasn’t worked out very well for me. >.<


3 responses to “Recs for renting?

  1. You should stay and keep the land. They cannot expand very much and right now, their “build” is nothing more than ugly walls and some uninspired textures. I do not see them stay for very long. And if you still want to rent some ground-level store square meters and prims, take a look at your direct neighborhood, that makes it easy to maintain your spots… 😉

  2. I’ve had similar problems with my land. My neighbor put up an ugly wall too, and he had bought up 4 4096plots. What did he decide to do? Put in so many vendors, that our sim crashed 7 times that week. He even got angry with me when I returned his objects that were on my land, tho my land is no build, so have no clue how that happened. I decided I love my land, so I put mine up in the air too! By the way, love your work, I have everthing you have made. And as I see above, you have decided to go up in the sky, but if you still want a vendor/rental I’d be willing to have you on my land, free of charge, but I can only give you so many prims. Send me a notecard inworld, and we’ll talk about it!

    Helena Stringer

  3. Heh, even though I’ve made it abundantly clear to them that I have no intention of leaving they still insist on “letting me know my options.” >.< I’m not one to get involved in confrontation so I’m becoming very irritated with their approach. Fine, they want to buy, I get it. I said no, now move along.

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