In the works

The sale:  Well, it was supposed to end on Friday but I decided to extend it until.. I haven’t decided. 😛  So take my laziness as an opportunity to snatch up some goodies!  Sale is on all the old stuff and the Starlight Series.

Fae skins:  I finally fixed the glitch I had found on these skins so now I just need to find some accessories and get some pictures made so I can get these out.

Old stuffs:  With prims at a premium in my parcel I may end up having to move some things around and I’m toying with the idea of moving these guys to their own OnRez vendor to free up some prims and wall space.  Don’t despair if you see them gone one day, they are still available but you’ll have to hunt through a vendor to get them.

Neko:  Yeah… I’m dragging my feet on these.  I’ve got 2 versions ready but I would like to flesh out the series a bit more before I release them.  Plus I’m still working on the men’s skin.  So these are back burnered for the time being.

Something special:  I mentioned the little side project that wasn’t skin related in a previous post and I’m almost ready to release and omg, I’m so excited.  ^^

That’s all for now!  Keep checking back for more news! 😀


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