Nail Polish

A little something new in the store today! Fingernail Polish and Toenail Polish in a variety of colors! I was trying to decide what I should do about the nail polish colors on my skins and I finally decided to just make polish that works seamlessly with my skins. So now you can match your tips and toes to your favorite outfit. Each set comes with fingernail polish on the glove layer and toenail polish on the sock layer and comes in 2 color options. There is also a fat pack with everything in it plus a special rainbow polish. I’ve also set out a demo this time so you can try before you buy to make sure it works well as it was intended to be used with my skins and may or may not work well with other skins. And if you are in my update group, look for the sneak peek I sent you earlier. ^^ The polish is available on the wall across from the Starlight Collection. 😀

{Frick} Nails - Fat Pack Ad

{Frick} Nails - Oranges Ad

{Frick} Nails - Reds Ad

{Frick} Nails - Pinks Ad

{Frick} Nails - Purples Ad

{Frick} Nails - Grays Ad

{Frick} Nails - Blues Ad

{Frick} Nails - Greens Ad


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