Hiya everyone! There’s finally some newness at {Frick}! 5 new Fae inspired skins and 3 new freebies!! All the new stuff is tucked away in the basement.. you’ll find the staircase in the back room of the shop! 😀  I hope to have it available on OnRez soon.  And wow, I just want to thank everyone who came by the shop today!  It was so much fun to meet everyone and everyone was so super sweet!  I’m still blushing at all the nice comments!  ^^;  And my apologies for the tremendous lag, Blackmount isn’t used to all the attention. 😀

{Frick} Fae - Flame Keeper

{Frick} Fae - Star Scryer

{Frick} Fae - Courtesan

{Frick} Fae - Druidess

{Frick} Fae - Sky Fury

{Frick} Fae - Shimmering

{Frick} Pink Glammy

{Frick} Fireworks


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