7 Things

Yes, I’ve been super quiet lately… a combo of busy, busy and sleepy. I received a weird little message from my subscriber kiosk so I popped over to give it a check over and zomg, the update group is over 800 members now. I am absolutely stunned!!! Seriously, never did I anticipate the response to my stuff being like this, it is so awesome!! Ok, on to my wall of text.

Thing #1 – I’m planning to send a super special *exclusive* freebie ONLY to my subscriber group on Friday, July 18th. That means you absolutely must be subscribed before then by touching the subscribe button on the kiosk in my main shop in Blackmount or you will not receive the gift after it is sent. I’m really adamant about this gift only going out to my awesomesauce group members because I really, really want to reward you guys for being so freakin’ super! So get out there, subscribe if you haven’t. And once it is sent out, please refrain from mentioning to anybody who wasn’t in the group… I don’t want to get in trouble with anybody who missed out on it like I did last time. >.<

Thing #2 – I’ve got about 5 new skins in the works all based on my favorite songs. I always have a million projects running at once.. but these skins have really made me happy so depending on how busy I am in the next couple of weeks, get ready to see them soon!

Thing #3 – The non skin item! I’ve mentioned it before and it’s almost ready to go! Just need to take the ad pictures and all that jazz! I am super excited. It’s definitely not for everyone.. in fact, it might not appeal to a very large array of people but I love it so up it goes. 😀

Thing #4 – Special requests/customs. Although I’ve mentioned this already, I’m no longer taking custom orders due to my insane time constraints. Please don’t take it personally, I just don’t have the time to really devote to putting something together right now. Also a lot of special requests to get certain makeups on certain skintones are difficult for me because I really only intended for them to be on certain skintones. Sometimes what looks great on a Drow looks like crap on a Fae and vice versa because of some of the techniques I use. I hope you all understand!

Thing #5 – All that other stuff I’ve talked about… I’m still kicking them around but they are on the back burner for the time being. Neko skins are my next target though. 🙂

Thing #6 – I’ll be out of town off and on for the next couple of months with occasional limited access to SL and the internet… please send me a notecard if you have any problems. My IMs are regularly capped so even with having them e-mailed I still manage to miss some it appears. Ty!

Thing #7 – I’m on Twitter! I have a personal Twitter account but I thought I’d set one up for my random SL related tweets!! If you are on Twitter too, let me know so I can follow you! 😀

Ok, I think that about covers it all! Remember, super (mostly) secret group gift coming on Friday only! Get subscribing! 😀


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