I’m kinda back… sorta.  The rest of my year is one chaotic crazy mess so the potential for me just up and leaving without a warning is very very high.  Just make sure you send me a notecard if there’s anything you need to contact me about.  I still plan to release stuff soonish… I ended up going back and fussing with some of the skins so I’m going to have to remake my ads so that pushes that back for a bit.  So yeah, not a whole lot of news here… mostly just a reminder to send notecards instead of IMs. 😀

On another note… I get a real kick out of seeing my skins pop up around Flickr and if y’all don’t mind, I’d love it if you sent me links to your pictures so I can favorite them and then silently stalk you because you are awesome. 😀  I might even start up some kind of Flickr contest for coolest use of a skin or some such if anyone is interested in that kind of thing.

Ok, that wraps up this scattered post.


4 responses to “Scattered

  1. Hey chica!

    Okay… I am opening an account in Fliker as I type this. (Massive amounts of downloads! OMG I didnt know I had that many photos done!)

    Anywho… if you create a flikr group, let me know. Gladly will join. 😉

    And, If I can figure it out, I will send you links of me in my skins. (Well, the skins you made, but I revel in, lol!)


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