Well since nobody actually reads this blog… I’ll just blog some random thoughts.

* I’m considering retiring my old stuff because I no longer like the way they look overall.  Especially the Starlight series… while I love the eye makeup, I can’t stand the lipstick so that will likely be the first to go since most of the other old stuff is either free or cheap.  I’m thinking I might set it on a super fire sale and then remove it completely and perhaps revamp it with new lipstick and release it.  Might be more work than I really want do though.

* I have been draaaaging my feet on releasing new stuff.  I have it ready to go, but picking out hair and crap for the ads has just been blech… I just can’t get into it.

* Blackmount is a lag fest.  Even when I’m the only avatar in the sim it’s like treading through molasses.  I have found turning down my draw distance helps a teeny bit but it’s a huge issue for me.  I’ve considered moving the store to another parcel I own in a different sim but the overwhelming task of redoing all my notecards, landmarks, etc is very daunting and I really don’t relish the idea.  I honestly don’t know what is causing the tremendous lag, especially when there’s nobody around.. weird.

* Nobody was interested in the Flickr thing so that’s a bit of a bummer… ah well, nobody reads this blog anyways so that’s not terribly surprising. 😦

* I may or may not be drunk as I type this blog post… and that may be my excuse.

* Yus, I can haz neko skins pls?  I do have two versions done in goth and tan only and so far that’s all I’ve been able to muster up.  I may just release the two and see how it rolls.  In fact, I’m going to do the ads right now.. Bai!


16 responses to “Thoughts

  1. awww…I’d be happy to help with notecards and such….I spend most of my in world time spinning in circles at a store modeling someone elses clothes for chicken feed. I’ve got time to spare.

  2. Awww, you guys are so sweet, ty! ^^; Posting while under the influence kinda makes me whiny. 😛 Though the lag thing.. that really does make me whiny so I might have to start land shopping! 😀

  3. ohhhh I love your skins! I admit, they are not my everyday skin of choice, but for vamping it up, getting coquettish and period, etc., I head to my Frick folder, no questions asked.

    As for the blog, it is in my google reader AND my google homepage so I always see any new posts you make, fully subscribed! So there!

  4. Hey chica!

    I do TOO read your blog! lol

    And… as for moving the store…

    IF you get rid of the old stuff… (Keep it on OnRez though lol) you wont have to worry about the LM’s in all of those.

    And… there are several ways to find stores. 🙂

    Oh… btw… I had a friend see your stuff, and she really likes it. But, was wondering if you had any intentions in the future of making demon skins?

    And… as for new stuff… Sometimes, by doing too much, you burn out. So, take a break. You need it girl! You work too hard! lol

    And… when you take a break, you may find some inspiration.

  5. Mairead: Aww, ty! 😀 I’m definitely a costumy kind of person so it’s awesome to know you like them for that. ^^;

    Killa: Hi! 😀 Hmmm, demon skins… that sounds like an interesting idea! I’ll have to sit down and see what I can throw around. ^^

  6. What FlickR thingy? o_O Gurl, use yur subsribey-matic! I don’t go on FlickR too much, but I’ll put stuff up for you. 😀 I can’t remember if I’ve passed you the photos where I’ve used for skin, either. >_>;

  7. You know what I just thought of?

    You NEED one of those “bulletin boards” that people use to put their pictures on, or leave notes… If you wanna know where to find one, I think I have a LM… 🙂 I used one for my photo studio (when I had one…)

    And I agree with Terry…. Send us word via the message thingy so we know to check your updates here… or whatever. I forget there are other things on the web… lol

  8. 😛 I’m scared of my subscriber thingy! Whenever I use it I get yelled at about presents lol. But I will definitely start using it more often… it’s a lot easier to get the word out to everyone than expecting folks to wander here. Heck, even I don’t check my blogs very often lol.

    Killa – The bulletin board sounds neat! Throw me a lm and I’ll definitely check into it. 😀

  9. I may be the LATE Ms. Kukulcan, but I read this blog too.

    I might have some room in my sim for a store, contact me if your interested.

    Also, myself and EVERYONE of my 2,000,000 alts buy and WEAR your skins. So if you want Flickr pics, you got em!


    SunShine and her sisters

  10. hiiii I love your skins especially the dolly lips!especially the starlight makeups! they go aweseom with my clowfishmeraid look! I will flickr! *swims off to figure it out*

  11. I have some land available for sale if you’re interested.
    A 1024 lot in a nice little sim. Feel free to contact me (Noelle Ember) if you’d like details.

    P.S. LOVE your skins! Just found the blog. ~.^

  12. Hmm, sorry, that sounded like an ad for land. /blush

    It’s my old store’s lot. I can’t do the retail thing in game anymore, so I’m selling the land.

    Didn’t mean to come off so “spammy” before. lol

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