Neko Sneak Peek

So yeah… I had a wee bit too much to drink yesterday. 😛 But despite that, I managed to get the Neko skins ads done up! Right now I only have these particular skins made but I’ll gauge interest on whether or not I expand on the line. So anyhoo, here’s the sneak peek and I’ll try to get them out this week! ^^

{Frick} Neko - Tiger

{Frick} Neko - Snow Leopard

{Frick} Neko - Tan

{Frick} Neko - Goth


4 responses to “Neko Sneak Peek

  1. To me the spectacular eye treatments are Frick’s claim to fame on her fantasy skins. Not many can hold a candle. These are no exception! At last, a neko skin I would contemplate wearing.

  2. ^^; Thank you both!

    Hatshepusut: I’m working on revamping the lolly lips because I wasn’t too thrilled with the shading but I have it mostly fixed now so I’ll see how I can work them into future releases! I honestly didn’t know if anyone was that into them so it’s fun to know you like them! 😀

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