Corset Piercings

After a really long wait, I finally have these suckers out. I also added a Lucky Chair to my shop, it has a Halloween version of the corset piercing in it and it’s set to 10 minutes… hopefully the lag won’t make it suck. Here’s the pictures!

{Frick} Corset Piercing - Blues

{Frick} Corset Piercing - Pinks

{Frick} Corset Piercing - Aquas

{Frick} Corset Piercing - Greens

{Frick} Corset Piercing - Reds

{Frick} Corset Piercing - Oranges

{Frick} Corset Piercing - Grays

{Frick} Corset Piercing - Purples


2 responses to “Corset Piercings

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