Subscriber Update

The subscriber kiosk is back out in the store!  Woohoo!  I’m pretty psyched about the new gift option.  The way it works is that when a new person subscribes to the group they’ll receive the gift, provided there is a gift in there at the moment… I figure I’ll keep the gift in there for about a week or so before I remove it.  So this will definitely help cut down on the amount of people who missed the gift but heard about it after the fact and were not subscribed at the time.  And there’s a way to get the gift if you were subscribed and missed out, you can just hit the unsubscribe button and then resubscribe and the gift will be delivered to you.  I’m really hoping this will be a good solution for everyone. 😀


One response to “Subscriber Update

  1. Hello Fricka… I first discovered your skins on Koinup, and finally had a chance to put together a “skins” page on my Neko blog, that includes a mention of your store. I’ll also be featuring a skin of yours in an upcoming Geisha post too. Love your stuff girl!! Neko Skins

    Anyway, thought you’d wanna know. 🙂

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