New stuff & changes!

Tomorrow is my 1st rez day and with it, a few changes are headed this way!  First off the biggie, the store is moving to a new location.  This isn’t a permanent move because the location is the same size as my previous location, but this one should prove to be far less laggy which is a plus and should make shopping less annoying than it was in Blackmount.  Second, the corset piercings are all on sale and will probably remain that way til further notice.  And lastly, new stuffs!!  5 new skins and 2 new dollarbies.  I’ve been asked why I’m doing dollarbies instead of freebies and the simple answer is, I need to make tier. 🙂  And all the freebies are still there, for free, in the basement.

I didn’t mention it when I posted about the Halloween skins, but I’m starting to work some new lips into the mix.  I’m pretty happy with how they turned out and hope you guys like them!

I’m going to break the pictures up into separate posts. 😀


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