Updates, or lack thereof

If you’ve tried to visit my OnRez page lately you’ve probably noticed there isn’t anything on it… and that’s not on purpose.  I had taken everything down and put it on private while I was fixing landmarks and stuff but when I got tired of doing that and put it back up on public nothing is showing up online.  You can still buy it from the vendors in world, but just not on the website.  I’m not sure what’s up.  I had been thinking about re-doing all my OnRez stuff and I guess I might do a few things at a time to see if that will fix some of the issues.  I may look into Xstreet but I don’t think it’s quite as slick looking as OnRez was.  But until then, in world is the only way to get my stuff for now.

I’ve been having connectivity issues and I lost a few notecards and what nots.  I’m fairly sure I caught everything that was lost but I may have missed some stuff.  My time in SL is pretty random and super limited right now so I don’t have any big plans for releases for the near future..  I might try to get some wintery or holiday inspired skins if I can tear myself away from World of Warcraft long enough to make them. 😛


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