New Stuff!

New stuff out today!  Three new skins and a new lucky chair prize!  I’ve also put the corset piercings on sale, L$ 10 for individual color packs, L$ 65 for the fat pack and the red and green versions are on sale for L$ 1!  I’ll be retiring them after the holidays so get them while you can. 😀

Group freebie is coming later this week!

Winter Swirl - Lucky Chair

{Frick} Snow Fairy Skin

{Frick} flurry - goth ad

{Frick} flurry - peach

{Frick} flurry - chocolate

{Frick} flurry - tan ad

{Frick} cinder - peach

{Frick} cinder - chocolate

{Frick} cinder - tan

{Frick} cinder - goth


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