{Frick} in the New Year?

I did something today I’ve puposely avoided doing before… I finally decided to sit down and actually sift through my transaction history just out of morbid curiousity to see exactly who is buying what.  I say morbid curiousity because yikes, it really sobered me.  I guess I’d been avoiding looking at it because in the back of my mind I had a bad feeling.  My last three big releases have been epic fail and tanked miserably.  I guess I didn’t realize how poorly they had been received.  Of course the numbers don’t tell me why they sucked, was it because people thought they were ugly, poorly made, too expensive, not worth buying?  Who knows.  I know I’m pretty bummed out right now but I really do enjoy modding skins and making stuff.  But it struck a nerve and I’m really going to have to decide how much more money I want to keep throwing at “being creative”.  

But all that aside, I do want to give huge hugs to the ladies who have supported me.. it’s really y’all (and you know who you are ^^) that have really kept me doing this.. so thank you, thank you for all your kind words. 😀  

And for now I’m going to go booze it up, Happy New Year everyone!


6 responses to “{Frick} in the New Year?

  1. I loved the eyes, but they were more money than I’m usually willing to spend on eyes… But that’s just me, I’ve seen people selling eyeballs for a thousand lindens and presumably folks buy those. I don’t know why when you can get a dragon avatar for the same price. o_o

    I adore the new skins and I don’t get why people wouldn’t be buying them. The corset piercings are pretty but I don’t know how big a call there is for those.

    Still. I don’t think the problem is poor quality, not for anything you make. Maybe poor advertising? I’ll add your place to my picks and maybe that’ll help spread the word.

  2. Awww, thank you. I do an exceptionally terrible job at advertising… so I know I’m definitely failing big time there but with over 1400 people in my update group now I’m surprised that the last releases were so crummy. Well I’ll be trying out something newish in the coming days and hopefully I’ll see an upturn. 😀

  3. 1.) The skins with a lot of eye detail are more a niche, as a lot of girls just want red lips and basic eyeliner, which they can go get at Redgrave. And probably do, as…

    2.) You’re not as well known as someone of the other, larger skin designers that have basic and extreme make-up, such as Nomine. Kookie is probably getting new sales on its skins because it’s a large shoe name

    3.) It’s been the holiday bum-rush, and everybody was putting their pennies towards the pricey things, as that’s the holiday perspective. Now that things have chilled, people may be more aware of how they spend their lindens and look for high quality but lower priced items such as yours.

    4.) The corset piercings weren’t my bag, either. ^^; That’s really something you also have to cater toward some for the darker types, and I tend to come over for the fantasy appeal of your make-ups.

    5.) It’s your advertising. No one knows your name that much. You might want to poke some bloggy people or get some people to help set up an ad you can put in a SL magazine to get the word out in a relatively non-direct way.

  4. I have to admit, I have a complex about advertising because my skins are based off Eloh and Sezmra templates so I feel weird every time I think about doing review copies or stuff like that. That’s one of the things that’s made me rethink wanting to be added to the fashion feed or various fashion blogginess. I maybe don’t feel as though I deserve to be placed in the same realm as the well known skin makers. So yeah I’m full of angst and self doubt and all that jazz. :S

  5. If you don’t want to be added to the actual feed, you might just ask to join iheartsl.com. I’ve found it to be a great starting point, and you can choose what posts to put up on the community blog.

    And hell, dear, you’re not ripping off people’s skins, so you shouldn’t be worried about doing advertisements. You take beautiful photos that would really catch people’s attention. If you want an ad area that’s fairly friendly, I’ve enjoyed being part of the Vain, Inc. community. The members tend to be goofy that talk in the chat, and Toko – the manager-lady – is pretty friendly from what I’ve seen.

  6. (I know, this is super late. lol)

    Awww Fricka sweetie! I agree with most of the other posters – whatever the failure in sales it’s definitely not quality or creativity! And i would be so sad if you just did plain skins, or stopped all together. I love your stuff. <3333

    It probably does have something to do with advertising. There are a lot of good designers out there, but the only ones that seem to really get the business are the ones that either a) have been around for years and years and years or b) advertise absolutely everywhere. And I agree with Terry completely – you have every "right" to advertise anywhere and everywhere. I think a lot of people use templates, whether they’re skin templates or clothing templates. You credit where you get your templates, and you add a LOT to the base you work with. That’s all you need to do to be a legitimate and WORTHY skin maker.

    I can appreciate having a limit as to how much money you’re willing to spend on being an artist. It’s always a hard call. I do want to say, though – I think that it is a viable and valuable choice to chose to not let cost dictate whether you add content to SL or not. And if it’s the primspace that’s the problem, you could always go exclusively OnRez and/or xStreet.

    Whatever you chose to do, ultimately, I’ll support your choice and will always feel lucky to have known you and your work. ❤

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