Where’s the new?!

I’m sure it’s pretty obvious I’m lagging waaaayyy behind getting new stuff out.  I’ll admit it, World of Warcraft has consumed me.  Between guild dramaz, achievement overload and world events, I just haven’t devoted a lot of time to SL.  I’ve also had a rough past few weeks with some RL issues as well so that hasn’t helped.  But I’ve set a deadline for myself of nearish to Valentine’s Day to get some new stuff out.  I have a Valentine’s freebie, the Trickster skins and hopefully some scarred skins to get out.  I’m also  debating moving my store.. again.  I neeeeed moar prims!  Unfortunately every place I’ve looked around at has had terrible lag.. more so than Baines where I am currently.  I probably want to stay with mainland just because I don’t have to worry about land lords and sims going poof and that kind of thing.  And eventually  I’ll try to get my crap up on Xstreet eventually but I’m not in a super hurry to do that.  As soon as I get my warlock up to lvl 80, I’ll be back to SL with a vengeance… at least til the Love is in the Air event. 😛


3 responses to “Where’s the new?!

  1. I should have known! 😛 Well I’m glad to hear you haven’t fallen off of the face of the earth. I’ve been looking forward to those Trickster skins, and I’m always excited about freebies.

  2. I understand being wary about private estate landlords, but I gotta say – I’ve had a really wonderful time with Simple Land (simpleland.org) and I’ve been with them for at least 6 months (I don’t remember exactly when I started). The prices are quite low, the owners are very friendly and easy to work with, and I’ve never seen any of their places go poof. They’re pretty lag free too. There are parcels on my sim available at the moment too 🙂 So if you even remotely consider going to private estates, come check these guys out ^_^

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