Freckles and Vendor Options

I’ve had a lot of request for freckled skins and the Trickster skins are going to come in a freckled version.  But I have a quick question for everyone.. would you prefer having the option to buy a plain or a freckled version or would you want a pack that included both?  In the interest of prim space, I was planning on putting them all together in one pack which would include 4 skins total (2 freckled skins, 2 plain skins) but I thought I’d see what thoughts on this might be.  I think if I lose the furniture in the shop, I’d be able to swing giving the option.  I’m still in the process of finding a new store location but that’s a bit off in the future.  Ok, here’s the poll!


4 responses to “Freckles and Vendor Options

  1. I’m totally fine with either, so I’d vote for doing whatever works best for you. I buy nearly everything you put out anyway hehe.

  2. Hehehee.. After doing the math, I don’t have the room to do them separately so they will definitely be going in one pack this time. Hopefully if I end up moving locations I’ll have some more prims to play with and I might package things differently then.

  3. I think if you have the room for the variations, you SHOULD have seperate for each, so that you can earn more money on both.. I’m trying out Apez right now, and these vendors are good, but, it takes some time to load things up. Another good option about them is that you can gift directly from the vendor.

    Its been complex though.. but this can save on prims.. and me my more technically oriented friend, Vidd, are going to figure out how to make the vendors look better.. (like I could do with the onrez beta ones)..and then copy and pass along some. (for free) SLX they take a percentage of the sales (mine is 2.5%).. but the vendors are free and you can do anything you wish with them, only I’ve been having trouble trying to turn them on their sides 😛

  4. I love having the two options in one, as it has given me the option to actually see if I like freckles to begin with. Thanks to you, I have more options to try in my look. I’d advocate to keep them together, although you could use SLX to provide the freckle-only or plain-only options. Then you just throw up one of those boxes and a texture with info. the only issue there is more time spent meddling with vendors.

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