Lots of new in the shop.  3 new makeups in the usual 4 skin tones, 1 new freebie and a new lucky chair prize!  I have to say, these skins are probably some of my most favorite skins I’ve made.  I really liked how the freckled versions came out especially.  I did raise the price a tad on these but only to cover the amount of skins and work that went into them.  The fat packs of each skin tone as well as the super fat pack are both discounted over buying each makeup seperately.  There was also a group gift skin that was a red and black version of the Trickster that was sent out, if you didn’t receive it, please TP over to the shop and touch the little box on the subscriber kiosk and it will allow you to pick it up.  😀  Also, the eyes used in the Succubus ads is from House of Ruin‘s Vday hunt!  If you haven’t checked out Ruina’s eyes you absolutely should, they are awesome! 😀  Here’s a few pics, if you click through you’ll find pics of the other skin tones. 

Frick Trickster - Siren in Goth

Frick Trickster - Lyric in Goth

Frick Trickster - Arcana in Goth

{Frick} - Lucky Chair Succubus Skin

{Frick} - Pink Succubus


2 responses to “Newness!

  1. ooo the awesome smexiness. I love everything you do and these are no exception!!!! (and thank you so much for the mention! :D). ❤

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