Coming soon!

So quite a bit of news today!  First up, I’m going to be moving my store.. again!  I found a plot of land for a price I couldn’t resist that’s twice the size of my current location so lots of room to spread out and thank goodness, more prims!  So here’s an idea of what I’ve got coming down the road!

* Gothic Skins – I wanted to make some darker and moodier skins and I think these fit the bill.  I’m working the ads for these right now.. it’s slow going because my computer is sucking at the moment but I’m hoping to coincide the release of these with the opening of the new store.  So super soon!

*Scarred Skins – I’ve had a lot of people ask for my scarred skins that I’ve used a few times in my Flickr pictures and I’m working on getting them remade in different skin tones.  I’m also going to have the option of having the big time scar on either side of the face because don’t you hate when you wear a really awesome hair and the bangs on the right and that’s where all the cool scar stuff is?  Well I do.

* Corset Tanks – If you’ve read my personal blog, I’d been playing around with making some clothing and I really, really happy with the way my corset tank tops turned out, so much that I’m actually going to release them!  I also made some matching undies and stockings to go with them too.  I’m still putting the finishing touches on these so they are a little further out.

*Easter Egg Hunt – I know, I know, everyone is sick of hunts.  Well too bad!  😛 I never get invited to the grid wide hunts so I’m doing my own mini hunt.  Don’t worry, everything will be easy to find.  My egg hunt last year was kinda one of the things that got my name out there so I really wanted to do another one this year.  I want to do the hunt in the new store but if I’m super slow about getting it open I’ll put the eggs up on the old store.  I’ll send a note out when it’s all ready to go!

*7Seas Fishing – My new little plot of land has Linden water and I’m thinking of making a little fishing hole down there with a few special prizes!  But that’s a little further out at the moment.

So there’s the update for now!  Hopefully my computer will hold out long enough to let me get everything finished!  I’ll leave you with a little teaser pic.

{Frick} Coming Soon!


4 responses to “Coming soon!

  1. Gorgeous, wonderful, yum, I can’t wait!! Sounds very exciting! I know that in SL there isn’t a lot of ways a person can help someone move, but if there’s anything i can do to help things run smoother let me know! I’d be happy to help 🙂 ❤

  2. Awwww now I’m all grinning and blushing!! And that’s so cool that you are excited about them – I think that’s the most rewarding, when your creations make YOU happy 😀

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