I’m a dork.. I totally thought I had one more week before Easter.  I really haven’t eaten enough candy yet.  >.<  So I rushed to get my store finished up and set out my egg hunt.  So here’s the scoop (super image heavy)

Hiya everyone!  Here’s the skinny on everything that’s going on with {Frick}

* New Store Location!  I’ve moved the store again so please update your landmarks to this one!  A little note, it’s going to be laggy over at the new store location so please set your draw distance down and that really works well to reduce the lag, at least for me.  The old store location will stay up for about another week before it’s torn down.

* New Release!  I really wanted to do something a little darker and more Gothic in nature so here’s what I’ve come up with!  Each pack of skins includes 4 skins, two with small lips, two with large lips with a choice of lip colors.  I’ve got them available in a smudged version and a non-smudged version.  I hope you like them!  They are probably my new favorite skin. 🙂
Frick - Noir

Noir - Goth

Noir Smudged - Goth

Noir - Peach

Noir Smudged - Peach

Noir - Tan

Noir Smudged - Tan

Noir - Chocolate

Noir Smudged - Chocolate

 * New Lucky Board!  I’ve changed over to a lucky board and there’s a new set of 4 skins in there, it’s a blue recolor of the Trickster skins.  It’s set to turn every 10 minutes!
{Frick} Nexus - Lucky Board Exclusive

 * Egg Hunt!!  I know, another hunt.. and a late one to boot, but better late than never.  There are 6 eggs semi-hidden around the store that you can purchase for L$ 1.  Inside the eggs you’ll find 4 different skins and a cute little pj set that’s a little sneak peek of some new clothing I’ve got coming soon, my first real set of clothing ever!  I’ve set the eggs up in both my Baines location and the new store location so you can go to either one to hunt for them in case one place is too packed.  Note, it’s the same eggs in both locations.
{Frick} Egg Hunt!

* Group Gift!  It’s a wearable demo of the Noir skins in a gray skin tone.  If you aren’t a member of the group, just TP over to the store location, subscribe and touch the gift holder attached the unit to request it.   It’ll stay in there for about 30 days.

That’s it for now!  Have a wonderful holiday!

-Fricka M


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