A few things…

Just a few little things right now…

My land in Baines sold and I just wanted to make it super clear that I’m not affiliated with the new owners or anything they might put up in that old location.  In other words, none of that ripped and BIAB crap they sell in their club has anything to do with me.  Also my picks are looking all wonky for some reason so again, new owners do not equal me.

My connection has been spotty lately and I’m just having all manner of computer problems so it may be a while before I can get a new release out sadly.  Photoshop has all but slowed to a crawl for me and it’s torture getting anything done, not to mention the disconnects and video card problems I’m having.  It’s all making me a sad panda.

Easter Egg Hunt is over.  And hopefully I won’t get any crazed IMs about people missing out on it.  Please, pretty please, just let it be over.  I promise, I’ll do something in the future, computer and connection willing.  ^^


One response to “A few things…

  1. Yay so glad the land sold! But suckage about your computer 😦 … maybe you’ll have to take up knitting or something LOL

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