Creepy Skins!!

I’ve been sitting on the finished creepy skins for a while now but I finally got around to getting the ads made and everything boxed up and ready to go.  They are going to be available at my mainstore and at my Hotel Munster location!  I’ve set these skins out in their own special room upstairs in my shop.  Just go up both sets of stairs and it’s around the corner to the left, past the giant warning sign and through the phantom wall.  Yes, I went out of my way to make sure no one would see anything they didn’t want to.  Partly this comes from response to the rude jerk who claimed they were offensive and partly from talking to my mom and her saying she thought the skins were really scary and kinda “sick” and that while she could appreciate the work that went into them, she didn’t necessarily want to see that first thing as she came in the door.  So I decided to opt on the safe side and place them alone. Plus now I have a room that can hold any creepy things I decide to make in the future!

If you want to avoid the hassle of fighting lag in my main shop to walk up stairs, just go to my Hotel Munster location, all the creepy skins are on prominent display there as well as an exclusive dollarbie only available there!  Plus you can find lots of other rad stores that cater to the darker side of SL.

{Frick} at the Hotel
Direct TP to {Frick} Creepy Skins Room!

You might remember Vengeance and Plague from my Halloween skins from last year.. they’ve been joined by Fear which is a recolor of Plague. All three styles are available in Goth and a new skin tone I’m calling Cream which is a little lighter in color than Peach. Plague and Fear both feature tintable brows but Vengeance has drawn on brows this time around. I felt it kinda needed a stronger brow to compliment it. And the dollarbie, Toxic, is a custom recolor of the cracked skins and available exclusively at the Hotel Munster!

Frick - Fear - Goth

Frick - Fear - Cream

Frick - Plague - Goth Ad

Frick - Plague - Cream Ad

Frick - Toxic Ad

Frick - Vengeance - Cream Ad

Frick - Vengeance - Goth Ad


5 responses to “Creepy Skins!!

  1. Ohhh I saw the new creepy skins and they are awesome! Can we put in a begging for mroe freckled skins now that you are done those? ^.^;;

  2. I’m sorry that you’ve received negative reactions to such beautiful skins. I’m always on the lookout for well-done and affordable creepy skins and yours definitely fall into both categories. Wrenja from the Love/Hate blog also feels the same way:

    As for your mom, I kind of know how that goes too. My writing makes most of my family uncomfortable because it’s usually some mix of erotic horror. I think they’re proud of me when I get published, but wish they were stories which they would be comfortable showing to their friends. 🙂

    • It was sad to have to keep them off main display but I so wanted to avoid any confrontation about them that I decided to err on the side of caution. I’m just psyched that I was able to put them on full display at the Hotel Munster which really fits the theme I was going for with those skins. 😀

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