What to do next?

So I’ve been trying to decide which of my old skins I should re-vamp since I’ll be taking them down pretty soon and I really can’t decide so I thought I’d put the choices up in a poll and see what everyone else would like to see redone! And off topic a bit, but does anyone know where I can get a script that will only give items to avatars 30 days and younger or something along those lines? Since I’m going to be retiring so many of my old freebies/cheapies, I wanted to put together a newbie pack to set out in lieu.


One response to “What to do next?

  1. Sorry I haven’t been so active and its going to be less.. but I really loved the Freckled Retro make up one with the red lips and wild eye stuff..

    then some of the other things you offered as gifts for the first Easter hunt would make fine items for your updates if you ever have time.. but keep going with the new stuff and just take your time as far as updates of the older things go because I think the focus on newer things is what can drive the buisness and then rediscovering the older stuff is a kind of suprise and its way cool.

    With that said some of your best “signature” skins eventually need an upgrade OR a new take.. but they are still relevant so adding a new one with the older one wouldn’t be harmful.. and then just raise the price? *shrugs*

    have a nice summer in any case 🙂

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