Love/Hate Exclusive Freebie

Shhhhhh…. there’s an exclusive freebie to be found over at the new Love/Hate HQ! It’s a special recolor of the Shadows Unfurled, one of my favorite makeups.  This freebie features the new lip shape I’ve been working on so I’d love to hear some feedback!  They have some other amazing freebies/dollarbies there as well that are must gets, super amazing and beautiful stuff from awesome creators.

Love/Hate Exclusive Freebie!

Horns and Eyes by House of Ruin
Hair by Magika


5 responses to “Love/Hate Exclusive Freebie

  1. Gorgeous! It’s just so …soft looking. I truely love this goth skin. Now it’s a toss up of which one to wear when I want only a little make up. ^.^;;

    • It went poof briefly I think when L/H got griefed but check back and I think it should still be down in the basement.. it’s in the little shelf unit. IM me if you still can’t find it and I’ll send it to ya. 😀

  2. *sighs softly* I just love your skins so much. Every single one of them.

    and I’m totally flattered that you used my horns and eyes!! :O You make them look so good! ^^

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