New Stuff Part 3 – Baroque Skins

These are pretty self explanatory, lots of makeup!  Comes in freckled and non freckled versions (freckled versions have freckled bodies as well) and in colored and nude lips.  And these are probably my favorite skins ever. There’s also a dollarbie wearable demo of Gigue.

Shown in Peach but available in all 4 skin tones (other skin tones can be seen on my Flickr Page)

Frick - Baroque - Gigue - Peach - Ad

Frick - Baroque - Rigaudon - Peach - Ad

Frick - Baroque - Allemande - Peach - Ad

Frick - Baroque - Courante - Peach - Ad

Frick - Baroque - Sarabande - Peach - Ad


5 responses to “New Stuff Part 3 – Baroque Skins

    • ❤ The gold one is my personal favorite, I wanted to make something kinda gilded and sunny because I was in a horrible mood lol. I like how it turned out so much that I made the other colors. 😀 And the eyes match perfect, it's like they were made for the skins! 😉

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