New Stuff!

Phew, I had to rush to open because I’m going through some stuff RL and I don’t know how my free time is going to play out so I figured better now than not at all lol.  And to answer a few questions that haven’t been asked, if the skin you are looking for isn’t in the store it’s gone forever and no longer available for purchase.  I promised to purge and I finally followed through!  It was like ripping off a band aid, it hurt pretty bad at first but now I’m over it.   But, several old styles are being revamped, namely the Starlight skins, the Retro Pinup skins and the Neko skins.  I want to specifically touch on the Neko skins because they were pretty popular, these aren’t gone forever, I promise!  And when I finally finish them they’ll be available in all four skin tones this time.  Anyways, I’m pretty excited about the new stuff coming down the pipeline and hopefully everyone will find something new they like. 😀

Until next time!!

Oh yeah, there’s a new lucky board skin!
Frick - Nymph - Lucky Board Exclusive


2 responses to “New Stuff!

  1. I must add that the Neko Skins and your Geisia skins are still definate styles I really love.. and I pushed those any chance I got ;).. not because I like you, but because I really loved those skins 😀

    • <333 I'm really aiming to remake those both. I've redone the Neko already but I want to come out with some fresh new Geisha skins because those had a really unique look (even for me lol) that I want to take extra time to make them special. 😀

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