Neko Skins

Neko skins are out!  At the last minute I had removed them during the great purging with the full intent to remake them but I have poor time management skills so it took a little longer than I had anticipated.  At any rate, they are available now in all 4 skin tones this time!  There are two styles, Tiger and Leopard and each style has two makeups included, smokey dark eyes and nude eyes and you also get two body styles, marked and unmarked.  I’ve also expanded into eyes again and made some Feline eyes to go with the skins.  Wearable demos are available for both and there’s a special L$ 10 skin out there as well.  So there you have it!

Frick - Neko - Peach

Frick - Neko - Chocolate

Frick - Neko - Goth

Frick - Neko - Tan

Frick - Candy Neko

Frick - Feline Eyes - Multi

Frick - Feline Eyes - Warm

Frick - Feline Eyes - Cool


3 responses to “Neko Skins

  1. Negative responses? You kidding. I used to have your orginal Neko goth skin [back from way back] and I loved it. I couldn’t resist buy *all* of the neko skins when I saw them. They’re absolutely beautiful and the subtle spots really make them stand out. Thank you so very much. 🙂

    If I had only one request .. would you consider bringing out a couple of make up skins for the neko range .. plllease 🙂 jsut something with nice pink or red libs 🙂 I’ll buy them! I promise 🙂

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