Decay Skins

Decay Skins are out!  You can find them in the creepy skins room in the back of the store.  Yay!  Also, each pack actually contains 2 skins, a decayed body version and a clean body version.  I threw in the clean body at the last minute in case you want to add your own gore layers. Check them out!  I’m planning on eventually lumping them all together in fat packs after Halloween so if you want them in single skin tone packs, head out there soon!

Frick - Bloody Decay - Goth

Frick - Bloody Decay - Mud

Frick - Bloody Decay - Cream

Frick - Bloody Decay - Tan

Frick - Moldy Decay - Goth

Frick - Moldy Decay - Swamp

Frick - Moldy Decay - Cream

Frick - Moldy Decay - Mud


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