*whispers…. clothes*

Oh yeah.. something else.. you may have noticed that there’s some clothing for sale now in my shop.  I didn’t want to make a fuss about them because honestly, I did them more for me than with a sales goal in mind.  I’m kind of testing the waters with these to see if it’s something I’ll continue to pursue in the future.

Here’s the TL;DR portion of this blog entry…

For the record, I did use parts of templates for Maggie and bits of Leaves, but Falling Stars is my own design (you might recognize the oft recycled corset piercing lol).  I know templates are and continue to be highly looked down on.. there seems to be a real negative view on them.  Despite that, I went ahead and used them.  I’ve already dealt with the flack on this and undoubtedly I’ll continue to catch flack, but I’m just getting started and these templates have done wonders for allowing me to see just how to work seams and tweak things to work.  Of course, I’ll not stop working on moving away from templates all together.. I consider them a stepping stone and I’m not ashamed in using them as such.  I wish I didn’t have to justify myself but there are some really harsh critics out there and I felt it better to explain myself now than have to deal with onslaught later on.  So there you have it.  And I’d like to hear some feedback.  If you’d like a review copy, please don’t hesitate to ask and on the same token, don’t feel obligated to feature these things at all.  But if there’s any kind of feeling that something just doesn’t meet standards, I’d really like to hear them so I can continue to improve.  Thanks for reading this long winded little statement, but I hope that clears up a few questions.

Frick - Falling Stars - Fat Pack Ad

Frick - Falling Stars - Night Pack Ad

Frick - Falling Stars - Snow Pack Ad

Frick - Leaves - Dress Fat Pack Ad

Frick - Maggie - Fat Pack Ad


3 responses to “*whispers…. clothes*

  1. I don’t understand why people have problems with templates. I think they’re great, and as you pointed out, those of us who bother actually LEARN from them. And anyway, is it *really* necessary to re-invent the wheel? Really? Do I need to remind the world that we would be ANYWHERE without building on the work of others?

    So, I’m totally ok with you using templates and if I hear anyone badmouthing you for doing it, I’m gonna tell them to shut it.

    oh yeah, and the clothes RAWK. I’d buy all of it if I had the spare lindens 😀

    • Aww, thanks Ruina! I kinda feel like the templates are akin to sewing patterns, it’s the touch you put on them that makes them different. I really feel like I learned a ton from these templates and I’m psyched to put that to use on new stuff. 😀

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