Starlight Revisited

Some of you may remember my old Starlight skins from days of yore.  Next to the Retro Pinup skins, these were some of the most popular skins I’ve ever made.  I was a little sad to retire them because I just adored the makeup on them so much, it’s one of my favorites!  But I was super unhappy with the bodies I had butchered back then so they got the chop.  Well after a few requests to bring them back, I decided it was time to revist them so they’ve been revamped in a few new color schemes and all on the latest bodies.  So without further ado… here’s the new skins in Peach.. click over to my Flickr page to see the other skin tones. ^^

Frick - Starlight Fantasy - Peach

Frick - Starlight Sonata - Peach

Frick - Starlight Nocturne - Peach

Frick - Starlight Rhapsody - Peach

Hair by Clawtooth by Clawtooth (tinted)
Eyes by Glanz


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