Lolly Dress & Skins

Here’s that release I mentioned in the last post!  I still don’t have a reliable computer but I’m looking into trying some duct tape voodoo and hoping I can get my dead one working again. If it doesn’t work, then I’m pretty much going to *have* to buy a new machine which makes my stomach ache lol.  Until then..

The Lolly Dress has a ton of options, two different tops, an underbust corset, socks, gloves, two different skirts, choker, glitch pants and wee undies. I made this a while back but I still think it’s super cute so I hope everyone likes it. Each one is L$ 50 and the Lemon Lolly color is only L$ 15.

Frick - Blood Lolly

Frick - Grape Lolly

Frick - Ocean Lolly

Frick - Candy Lolly

Frick - Lemon Lolly

And, thanks to Allegory Malaprop, I have a Gacha machine! If you haven’t heard of these little things, think those little toy vendors that you stick a quarter in, turn the crank and get a mysterious prize! Except better. 😛 There are 8 skins & 4 eyes in my machine, each one is color coordinated to the Lolly Outfits. Pay the machine L$ 20 and take your chances! All the skins and eyes are transfer so you can them around!

Frick - Gacha


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