A Quick Query

I’m intrigued by the option the Second Life 2.0 Viewer has to wear a “face” tattoo.  That opens up a lot of options for me to make just my skin makeups available that you might wear with other skins you might own.  I realize one of the major things that keeps people from buying one of my skins might be the way the particular face looks on their avatar and this would certainly allow you to just wear the makeup alone.  Personally I’ve held off buying items that make use of the 2.0 viewer simply because it’s in Beta and for all I know this feature might poof before it goes live so I can understand hesitation from others to do so as well.  At any rate, before I go gung-ho and start working on the seemingly monumental project of remaking everything, I’d love to hear a bit of feedback.


4 responses to “A Quick Query

  1. I jumped for joy when i heard about the new tattoo layers, and makeup is a great use of this layer too! even though i answered i would like to see it now, i understand the hesitation of waiting until the 2.0 is our of beta. so i am certainly ok with that.

  2. I voted yes, once the viewer is out of beta, but I thought I’d add that depending on what the final release is like, I may be waiting on (and/or hoping) Emerald to adopt some of these new features.

  3. I’m a die-hard Emerald user. Though I have no doubt they will take the best of the new Beta Viewer and import it into Sl there’s no telling when that will be. If Emerald imports the new layers I would be absolutely thrilled.

  4. I’m waiting for 2.0 to come out of beta, but yes, the whole tattoo layer thing is really exciting! I really hope they keep it, because I think it will revolutionize the whole skin situation in SL 🙂

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