The Bacchanal!

I’m really excited to share that I’m in this go-around of The Bacchanal!  The theme is turn of the century World’s Fair which stumped me a bit at first but after a little google-fu I began to conjure up visions of Parisian Steampunk.  I know, I say it every time, but this might be my most favorite stuff I’ve made. 😀  My offerings might meander back to my shop eventually but they’ll only be available at the special Bacchanal prices until July 3rd, so don’t miss out!

Up for your perusal…

Belle Epoque – 113L – A multi-piece outfit with oodles of options.  You get two different skirts, two different tops, sculpted collar and arm poofs, gloves, panties, garters and stockings on as many layers as possible.  It’s a little bit CanCan and a little bit Airship Pirate.  I ❤ this outfit so much!
Frick - Belle Epoque - Brass

L’Exposition Skins – 31L for a pack of 4 Skins! – Each skin tone pack comes with choices of light or dark brows and normal cleavage or push-up cleavage!  I know, I said I’d never make a cleavage skin but well, the outfit, she demanded a fabulous bosom.  Another new thing with these skins is that they come in 4 new skin tones… they are similar to my old range but a little darker and richer, I hope you all like them.
Frick - L'Exposition in Brass - Sugar

Frick - L'Exposition in Brass - Suntan

Frick - L'Exposition in Brass - Ghost

Frick - L'Exposition in Brass - Blush

Clockwork Eyes – 13L Gacha! – Pay the Gacha 13L and get a random color!  There are 6 colors available and they are transfer so you can trade around for the color your heart desires.  And again with the self lovin’ these are my favoritist eyes I’ve ever made, I’m super psyched with how they turned out.
Frick - Clockwork Eyes Gacha

You can find my goodies as well as the offerings of ANA_Mations, Arsenic Lace, +++Blue Blood+++, Draconic Kiss, +DV8+, Hauntedzuzu, Immateria and Ticky Tacky at the Love/Hate HQ here:


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