Song of Valor

Heya!  I’m still kicking about.  I haven’t been around much lately and that will likely continue for a good while, I’ve been effing busy! >.<  I’m sitting on a few new things but I just haven’t gotten around to actually making ads and all that boring stuff.  At any rate, here’s something new!  If you follow me on Plurk or Tumblr, you know I’m stark raving fangirl obsessed with the game Dragon Age so the name of this color combo is DA inspired.  I even originally made the corset for a DA mod and finally got around to translating it to SL.  I’m pretty psyched with how it turned out and hope to get out some more colors eventually.  Oh yeah I threw in some panties in with the corset but I was too lazy to remake the ad.  So anyhoo, onto the pics!

Frick - Bards Corset in Song of Valor

Song of Valor - All

Hair by Maitreya & Lamb
Eyes by House of Ruin
Earrings by Lolapop!

And just in case you were wondering what the early corset looked like in DA, here it is. Gratuitous Alistair lovin’ is a bonus! /swoon
DA Leather Corset WIP


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